South African R4/Galil/Golani .223/5.56 Cleaning Kit

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South African R4 cleaning kit, complete with all tools and canvas roll up pouch.

This kit will work on the Galil and Golani .223/5.56 models.

An adapter can be purchased separately to use Outer Cleaning brushes with the R4 cleaning rods, so you can add .308 brushes to your kit.

Comes with 13 page manual explaining how to use the kit.

Kit Includes:

  1. Canvas Pouch
  2. 2 x Barrel Brushes
  3. Exhaust Port Scraper
  4. Chamber Cleaning Brush
  5. Cleaning Rod Assembly
  6. Gas Piston Guide Tube Brush
  7. Oil Bottle
  8. Pull Through
  9. Cartridge Case Extractor
  10. Gas Hole scraper
  11. Combination Tool (sight tool)
  12. Nylon rifle Cleaning Brush
  13. Jag


South African R4/Galil/Golani .223/5.56 Cleaning Kit
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  • Item #: R4CK
  • Manufacturer: South African Vektor Denel
  • Condition: New
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