Mako/FAB Defense Galil Aluminum Rail System Scope Mount

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  • Fits AR, ARM & SAR GALIL/Golani models (not micro or Sniper) and South African R/LM 5 & 6 models.
  • Solid & stable Long upper rail, underside rail & side rails
  • Twin short-rails on either side of front sight
  • Conforms to MIL-STD 1913
  • No modification  required on .223, will require a small amount of Dremel work on the inside of  handguard to clear the barrel flats on .308 models.
  • Precision machined from solid block of
    aviation grade aluminum
  • Top cover can be removed with out removing the Rail system, which mean you don't have to rezero your scope every time you clean your rifle.


  • Will not be able to use the factory bipod with this handguard.     



FAB Defense Galil Aluminum Rail System Scope Mount Handguard
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  • Item #: VFR-GA
  • Manufacturer: FAB Defense/Mako
  • Condition: New
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