MagLula LULA M1A / M14 Loader and Unloader

Works  with AR-10 magazines with a rear block magazine catch.


Potential users:

  • Military
  • Law Enforcement
  • Civilians


  • Both Loads AND Unloads
  • 35sec loading 30 rd.
  • 5sec unloading 30 rd.
  • Safe on fingers and magazine
  • Absolutely no sore thumb!
  • Pocket size
  • Durable best quality glass-reinforced polymer
  • Weights approx. 38grams (1.3ounce)
  • Chemicals resistant

Other advantages:

  • Great comfort when several magazines need to be cleaned (unloaded and reloaded).
  • Needs no dexterity or training to use.
  • Needs no maintenance.
  • Useable also in zero light environment.
  • Useable with gloves in freezing weather.


LULA M1A / M14 Loader and Unloader
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  • Item #: LULAM1AM14
  • Manufacturer: MagLula
  • Condition: New
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